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Welcome to HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid

HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid has provided services to thousands of individuals and families who have experienced an unplanned pregnancy since its founding in 1973.  In the past year, we’ve had the privilege of serving nearly 2000 individuals, many of whom seek help from us on a monthly basis. We serve those who think they maybe pregnant, those who are pregnant and moms with children, up to the child’s second birthday.

Services for free-pregnancy test and limited ultrasound are available

Wednesdays 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

or come during our regular operating hours: Monday-Thursday 9:30 am – 2:30 pm for pregnancy tests and other available appointment times for ultrasounds.

Rebecca Kiessling shared her personal story with us…

Conceived in Rape, A Story of HOPE

HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid and it’s supporters experienced a wonderful evening with Rebecca Kiessling, President of  “Save the 1” Project at our 2014 Fall Dinner Event at Thousand Oaks Golf Club.

Rebecca shared her personal story of having been conceived in rape and nearly aborted at two back-alley abortionists. Putting a face to this touchy subject makes it tough for even the most hardhearted person on this issue, not want to step back and re-access their thinking on the “rape exception” that is usually added to legislation that is introduced in State Houses around our land. Her story and others like it, through the “Save the 1” project, are sending a message throughout this land that behind every conception there is a son, daughter, sister, brother or friend that is loved by God, a life that was meant for a purpose and a plan.  Sharing her “LIFE” story brings person-hood to our choices and it is in choosing life, where a story of hope begins. Our hope at HELP is you will pass along this message to others, participating in the mission of letting others know that abortion does not have to have the final say, even if the circumstances seem so hopeless.

If you are someone who finds yourself in a difficult situation, whether it’s an unplanned pregnancy like the one mentioned above or a circumstance that you are not finding any support for, we want to help. HELP has caring services of support for you and your situation. Our services are confidential, we are here to listen, acknowledge, accept and provide to meet your life challenge with real life options.

The miracle of conception through the first, most crucial years of life. Watch this astonishing video which opens a window in the womb… 

The Miracle of Life:

HELP provides a wide range of services to assist pregnant women, including ultrasounds, material assistance, and a range of education and counseling services

Services & Programs

  • Pregnancy Tests: Free and confidential pregnancy tests are available upon request.
  • Limited Ultrasound Services: A certified technician may be available in specified situations.
  • Maternity Clothing Program: Pregnant women have the opportunity to select maternity clothing.
  • Layette Program: Women, just prior to giving birth, are provided a layette which contains baby essentials which enable the mother to feel prepared to take the baby home.
  • Loving Arms Program: Expectant & recent mothers are offered the option to view instructional DVDs which address the current needs of that particular client. Topics include health, sexual integrity, child care and development, to name just a few. After giving birth, this incentive-based program guarantees the client points that are exchanged for baby and personal care items that can be chosen by the new mother in our “Loving Arms Boutique.”
  • Emergency Material Assistance Program: Provisions of new and like-new baby items, including baby formula, food, diapers, clothing, and other essentials to support their baby’s unique needs are offered on a monthly basis until the child is two years of age.
  • Community Resource Links: Clients are linked to community resources related to pre- and postnatal care, housing, adoption, food pantries, and legal or social services.